Work part-time while Studying in Australia


Work Part-time While Studying in Australia

Australia is considered one of the best place to live in the world. Hence the living cost is slightly more expensive compared to most countries.

One is not considered living the full studying experience in Australia without having worked part-time. 9 out of 10 students opt to have a part time job for various reasons, and we couldn’t agree more with them.


Based on our survey, here are the top 5 reasons why they opt to work:

1. Extra pocket money

Many of our students are concerned with the living cost while pursuing their study. This can be complemented by working part time. Australia has one of the highest minimum wages in the world. That makes it easier to cover your expenses here.

2. Practice English

The only way to improve a language is by practicing it. By working part time, you are encouraged to use English as you need to communicate with your boss, colleague, or customers.


  part-time job as barista

3. Meet new friends and extend the network

Besides earning extra income and practicing your English, you can meet new friends from different cultures too in your new workplace. There is no better way to extend your networking beside meeting and working with new people. This will definitely help in the future in many ways.

4. Experience

Most of future professional job will require you to have at least 1 year employment experience. What could be better than starting now while you are studying. You can do it in your free time, and you are getting paid fairly well too.

5. Time pass

One of the best part about working part time in Australia is, you are allowed to work as much and as long as you want while you are in your semester break. Most of our students are reluctant to go back to their country home and have a lot of free time during this period. So why not take take this opportunity to work and earn an extra cash. It is a great way to kill time with benefits from all the points above.

Where do I start to work part-time?

There are 2 requirements that you need to fulfill to work part time under student visa legally in Australia.

First, student visa with a work permit allowance up to 20 hours/ week. This means you can work up to 80 hours per month. You need to be careful not too get caught up with work and leaving your study behind. There is a penalty for failing your studies which might lead to cancellation of your student visa and deportation. We suggest to consult with our staff to manage your course schedule so it won’t clash and affect performance in your study.

Second, a TFN (Tax File Number). You can apply for TFN free of charge. For applying online, you can visit this website If you are unsure of the process, Brightannica can help you too with TFN application. And like any other services of ours, it is free of charge.

There are so many fields you can work at with no prior or minor experience. For example you can work in retail shops, restaurants or cafe, bar, farm, sales, office works, etc. The choice of opportunities are practically limitless. You can find job ads on newspaper, online recruitment firm ( , , , etc), notice board on your campus, or even friends.

If you need help, why not join our community. Brightannica can assist you finding a job that complement your course field at the same time. Join now and start your Australia adventure from here.

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