Study English in Australia


Study English in Australia

A lot of students have spent alot of time and effort to improve their English back in their home country. But most of the time the results are not up to satisfactory level compared to all the struggle. There are several reasons for this, but the most common problem that we observe is students practice English only in their class, which happens only a few hours a week. That is far from enough.


Why Australia?

Being an English speaking country, Australia is considered one of the most visited place in the world for study purpose, business, or holiday. Along with its various culture and ethnicity, English is being used daily as main language. This makes Australia the best place for everyone to learn or brush up their English skill.

Beside the daily conversation in English, the institutions over here provide formal English courses too for those who wish to hone their English to a further level. There are several types of English training tailored to suit each needs.


General English

This course are aimed to improve your English in general for traveling or casual daily conversation in English speaking country.

English for Academic purpose

You will need to take this course if you wish to study in Australian school, college or university, but not sure of your English skill.

IELTS preparation

If you are to take IETLS or other English proficiency test, you might want to take this extra English course.

Business English

Focused on practical English for specific areas such as business purpose.

TESOL (Teaching English to Speaker of Other Language)

For those who wish to teach English in their own country.


How to apply?

With Brightannica, you don’t need to worry anything or spend extra penny. If you are interested in cheap English course in Australia, just submit the application form in our website and we will get back to you in 2 working days. Apply now and start your journey in Australia with us.

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