Cheap way to study in Australia


Cheap and easy way to study in Australia

What is Brightannica?

For most students, studying overseas might be daunting, or even scary. To arrive in a foreign country with different culture and language is new to most people.

That’s where Brightannica steps in. With friendly and slightly overeager staffs, you will feel right at home. We offer free consultation and services to make your study and stay in Australia easier than ever starting from university and course application, visa endorsement, finding accomodation and even making new friends. Yes you read that part right. Brightannica has a network of international students from all countries with various interests from universities and colleges all over Australia. We do encourage you to be a part of our network and experience the multi-cultured life in Australia.


Easy and cheap

Applying for university is intimidating and complicated. Not to mention different documents and requirements are needed for different circumstances or assessment level. What distinguishes Brightannica from the rest is how we simplify the application procedure for studying in Australia. You can watch our video that explains the basic steps of the application procedure here.


If you can’t view it in your browser you can access it too from this link : simple and easy step by step guide to apply for course in Australia

Here is summary of the steps that a student will be going through :
1. Consultation with Brightannica staff
2. Course application
3. Letter of offer from university/ college
4. Tuition payment
5. Confirmation of enrollment
6. Visa application
7. All set and ready to go

When you apply through us, we have dedicated staff to guide you step by step from consulting your financial or special arrangement that you may need until your arrival and settlement in Australia. There is no extra charge when you are applying via Brightannica. It will be the same if not even cheaper.


Worry free visa!

Concern that your visa might get rejected? Anxious waiting for the visa grant? Don’t.

We have experienced consultant to make sure your visa is properly lodged and handled. Brightannica guarantees the success rate of 98% for visa application process. That is how thorough we are in doing our job. And the best part of all is the service is free of charge! No hidden or additional cost.

So if you are looking for a cheap, easy, and fun way to study in Australia, don’t look any further. Contact our staff and we will guide you throughout the process and will be happy to answer any doubt that you may have. See you soon.

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Introduction to study in Australia and Brightannica student agency
This post introduces what is the first preparation when a student wishes to study in Australia and how Brightannica can offer the service, free of charge.

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