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Assessment Level 4 removal

At the time of the Review no countries had been assigned as AL5. The removal of AL4 results in all students who were formerly subject to AL4 instead being assessed as AL3.

Former AL4 visa applicants benefit from this change as there is a reduction in the level of evidence of English language proficiency, financial capacity and previous study that they need to provide to the department for the grant of their visa.

For example, international students seeking a Schools sector (subclass 571) visa from countries that were previously AL4 are now able to enrol in Australian schools from Year 7 instead of from Year 10. This provides a substantial benefit for both students and schools.


What are the financial reductions for AL3 student visa applicants?

Prior to 22 March 2014 an AL3 student visa applicant was required to provide evidence of funds from an acceptable source to pay for their expenses for the first 18 months of their stay in Australia.

The department has now reduced the evidence of finances required for AL3 students from 18 months to 12 months.

However, as a result of this change, funds for AL3 applicants now need to be provided by the student visa applicant or their close relative.


Why did the department reduce the financial requirement for AL3 student visa applicants?

The department’s reduction to the financial requirement for AL3 student visa applicants brings the overall financial requirements for an Australian student visa in line with key competitor countries, enabling education providers to more effectively compete internationally based on the quality of their education.

This reduction to the financial requirement for AL3 student visa applicants is made possible by the existence of the genuine temporary entrant (GTE) requirement which provides an additional integrity safeguard that was not in place when the AL Framework was initially established.

The review did not recommend any changes to arrangements for AL1 and AL2 applicants.

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